Attanaya Warrior Institute

"Perfectum fecisti a disciplina"

("Perfection from discipline")
Attanaya (pronounced at•uh•nay•uh) Warrior Institute (AWI) is Arizona's first dedicated firearms simulation skills development laboratory. AWI facilitates the development of cognitive abilities, muscle tone, endurance, muscle memory and much more in our cutting edge dedicated simulators. Firearms simulators have been used by law enforcement and military for decades, teaching advanced skills that cannot safely be learned with live fire due to range safety limitations. They've evolved tremendously during their time in government service, growing from simple light gun games into sophisticated, Infrared laser based, trajectory calculating scientific computer systems. AT AWI, we're making the same simulators available to the everyday citizen, with a bit of a custom twist. Using our technical expertise, AWI has combined several of the world's cutting edge simulators to create the ultimate simulation experience. If that's not enough, AWI also creates our own software and simulation experiences, right here, in house - meaning our simulation experiences are one of a kind, and cannot be found anywhere else in the world! At AWI, you can take a firearms class, get your CCW training, certificate and fingerprints, replace a gym day with our "gun cardio" sessions, build your marksmanship skills in our state of the art marksmanship simulators, practice tactics, fire and movement, vehicle tactics, use of force judgment, hand to hand, arrest techniques, medical aid and more!

Book Online or call us at (520) 253-5270

AWI is powered by a reservation system, you make a reservation for a specific time slot and arrive just in time for your session! This is a no-wait, no congregate type of place, so there aren't big crowds, minimal contact with others, and full door-closed separation when using our simulator systems. Simply book your reservation or class, check your email for the details and confirmation, and arrive at your scheduled time! We provide all of the equipment you need to enjoy your training or learning experience at AWI! Check out our BYOG program, where you can optionally bring your own firearms as well!